Digital Distribution Services

ArcAmb’s Digitalization allows customers to store high-bit rate master video files and all other digital media content within a secure, self-hosted, remote-managed storage environment

  • All content is stored within a highly secure, state of the art digital archive.
  • Hosting your data allows you to control what you want online and when. Additional data tape backup stored offsite at a secure storage facility is available.
  • Online access provided through a secure web interface.
  • Descriptive metadata about each asset is entered during ingest, enabling search and browse functionality. Proxies of audio and video assets are generated automatically during ingest, enabling online review of stored content.
  • Store any kind of data.
  • In addition to audio and video assets, still images, compressed archives, and any other file types can be stored with associated metadata.
  • Content can be retrieved from the archive and returned to customer electronically upon request.
  1. Archive media data. Any kind DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS, Home Videos, CDs, Records, Pictures, any other digital file.
  2. Organization. Simplified file structure for easy browsing.
  3. Hardware - Server, workstations, remotes, networks, peripherals.
  4. Implementation - Network configured, server shared, workstations connected, peripherals connected, remote access configured.